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That is, if all players have 4 cards in their hands, then the sum of the bribes ordered by all participants in the game in this distribution must be either more or less than 4

The responsibility in this situation lies with the player distributing the cards - he is the last to announce how many bribes he wants take, and enforce this rule. It’s very disappointing when on the first round (when 1 card is dealt) you have a trump ace on your last hand, and all partners play “pass” and you, willy-nilly, must also say “pass”, realizing that everyone will receive +5 points, and you are only 1.

And the situation is diametrically opposite when you have a non-trump 6 in your hands, and one of the players ordered a bribe, and you, in order to fulfill the condition, also have to order a bribe. At the institute where Arkady and Aman studied, the game changed a bit. Firstly, girls stopped playing it (it's hard to imagine a girl who "scored" a lecture for the sake of playing cards).



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