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Our History 


Welcome to our blog, where learning, debate and transformation merge in a space dedicated to simple, sustainable and ecological living! From recipes to reflections, crafts to tourist adventures, we cover a wide range of topics that inspire positive change. From our inception in June 2012 on our Facebook page to the launch of our blog in August 2015, we have been dedicated to providing content that nourishes the body, mind and spirit.


Join our community and discover new ways to live in harmony with the environment while enjoying activities for the whole family. We look forward to seeing you on this journey towards a more conscious and rewarding lifestyle!

Behind Econaturista

It is a real pleasure to have you here, and I am extremely grateful that you have decided to take a moment of your time to explore our blog. If you are new to these parts, you may be wondering who is behind these lines. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Carol, the mind and heart behind every word, every image, and every idea you'll find here. This blog is the result of my passion and dedication, and I am excited to share it with you.

Why should you join our community?

  • Experience and knowledge in environmental sciences: With a background in biology and a specialization in environmental sciences, we bring a scientific approach to our reflections and advice.

  • Social and spiritual commitment: In addition to our daily work as a labor monitor, we dedicate our time to teaching Bible classes to children, and sharing our talents and values ​​with the community.

  • Family adventures in Puerto Rico: Discover with us the most beautiful corners of our island through our domestic tourism experiences and family activities.

  • Promotion of reading and exercise habits: Every day, we dedicate ourselves to reading for an hour and relieve stress while we improve our physical condition by running on MTB in the Singlespeed modality. 

  • Commitment to the environment: We are committed to protecting the environment and sharing our sustainable initiatives, such as solar energy, reuse, recycling, the home garden, compost and the use of ecological products in the home.

¡Únete a nosotros en este emocionante viaje hacia un estilo de vida más consciente y sostenible! Juntos, podemos marcar la diferencia para un futuro más verde y próspero.

¡Bienvenido a nuestro mundo, espero que disfrutes del viaje tanto como yo!

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