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Adjuntas Hanging Bridge of Garzas Lake, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

On long weekends, my coastal town is packed with people so we like to go “pal monte”. This time we planned a “road trip” to Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Adjuntas is known as The City of the Sleeping Giant. In Adjuntas you can enjoy several tourist attractions such as Lago Garzas, Bosque Guillarte, Casa Pueblo, and Haciendas, among others.

Our family's favorite adventure when we visit Adjuntas is getting to the Hanging Bridge (Hammock). Not many Puerto Ricans know of its existence. When I uploaded the photos to social networks, people flooded asking where it was located, which motivated me to write this post.

Puente Colgante del Lago Garzas, Adjuntas

The Hanging Bridge is located on Highway 518 (Km 7.4) near the La Bellota restaurant and bar. The bridge was built in 1943. Access to the bridge is pedestrian. In the photo you can see the sign that identified the place in 2015 and now in 2018.

Entrada Puente Colgante del Lago Garzas, Adjuntas en el 2015
Entrada Puente Colgante del Lago Garzas, Adjuntas en el 2018

Don't expect a tour guide because there isn't one. The walk can be a little difficult for people who are not used to doing physical activities since you have to go up and down a hill. I recommend wearing sports shoes and bringing water.

They have to walk along the path for 15 to 20 minutes. The walk allows you to be in contact with the forest, relax, and feel peace.

Camino hacia el Puente Colgante en 2015

I left my sports shoes. You see why I recommended them to you... They had to put up with me the whole way. Maybe I broke a record by crossing the bridge in heels.

Of course, if you go with children they will ask several times how long it takes to see the bridge.

You begin to see the water of the Lake between the bamboos.

Ya se comienza a ver el agua del Lago entre los bambús.

The excitement of the children when they saw the bridge is indescribable.

Puente Colgante del Lago Garzas, Adjuntas en 2018
Puente Colgante del Lago Garzas, Adjuntas en 2015

The experience of crossing the bridge is unique. You feel your adrenaline rising with the swaying of the bridge.

Puente Colgante del Lago Garzas, Adjuntas - 2015

This is what my eyes saw as I crossed. Spectacular!

Lago Garzas, Adjuntas

Catch of the day! As we crossed we met some residents of the area fishing.

¡La pesca del día!

Garzas Lake

Another Adjuntas attraction that we visited was the Garzas Lake or Reservoir. They told us that it was built between 1936 to 1943. The water is used for the production of hydroelectric energy and drinking water. The lake has a boat ramp. The day we visited they were giving a kayak excursion.

Lago Garzas, Adjuntas

It is a community self-management project with more than 35 years. At your facilities, you will receive a talk about the achievements of this project and a tour of the entire house, including the butterfly garden. In the artisanal store, you can get Madre Isla Coffee, which is artisanal and of high quality. You have to try it!

Casa Pueblo, Adjuntas

Plaza de Recreo

There are two obligatory things to do in the public square: have a coffee and look for the thermometer. I am not going to upload the photo of the thermometer so that they will be surprised when they see it. Walking around the town center we found a bicycle stand and we couldn't resist taking a photo.

Nosotros, siempre cerca de las bicicletas.

Venture to visit The City of the Sleeping Giant. You will be surprised by everything it has to offer. Tell us in the comments if you already have your photo on the Adjuntas Hanging Bridge or are planning to visit it soon.

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