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The Cobblestones of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

That moment when you realize that there is a great story beneath your feet. This time it is the story of the blue or grayish cobblestones of Old San Juan. The paving of the streets of San Juan began to be seen at the end of the 18th century. The first tests to pave the streets of San Juan were carried out in 1883. The first shipment of paving stones arrived in 1890 from Liverpool, England. The first street was paved in 1891.

The blue or grayish cobblestones of Old San Juan.
The blue or grayish cobblestones of Old San Juan.

Cobblestones are made from iron slag. In the iron foundries of Sunderland, England was accumulating slag. They melted it in molds to form blocks that eventually became paving stones.

We encourage you to look for curiosities or small details in each of your trips, they will enrich your visit and you will appreciate the destination visited much more. Tell us, you already had the opportunity to step on the cobblestones of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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