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Paddleboarding in Condado Lagoon, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking for a water adventure in San Juan? I recommend a paddle board ride in Condado Lagoon. Paddleboarding has become the number one growing sport in the world. With each visit to the beach, we see more children, families, and adults enjoying the water on their paddles. Last week we visited Condado Lagoon to eliminate this activity from our Bucket List.

The paddle boards are rented by the hour and provide you with basic instructions. We made the reservation for the last service shift which is from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Last Friday the weather was cloudy and quite windy. I thought we wouldn't be able to run the paddle but we were lucky that it didn't rain.

We had never practiced paddle boarding although we are a family that practices kayaking. The girl gave us the safety rules and all the necessary tricks to be able to stand on the paddle.

La Laguna has a little swell and is perfect for every skill level of paddler. The wind made us exercise a lot. While we paddled we were able to see tarpon, starfish, and a pufferfish. We spent some time relaxing, admiring the stunning views of the city. Although an hour seems like a short amount of time, it will allow you to do the complete collection. After more than an hour of paddling, they allowed my son to use the inflatable at no additional cost.

We were delighted with this experience. We will return soon to see if we encounter the manatees. Tell us, have you paddled, and what your experience was like?

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