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Cara del Indio, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Cara del Indio is a monument in honor of Cacique Mabodomaca who ruled the territories that are now Isabela and Quebradillas in Puerto Rico. Chief Mabodamaca fought bravely with his Indians against the Spanish in the Battle of Guajataca. This second combat is better known as the second indigenous rebellion where many of our Taínos perished. It was sculpted in 2001.

Cara del Indio, Isabela
La Cara del Indio, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Update July 2020:

This time we went by bicycle to visit the monument.

Visiting La Cara del Indio by Bicycle
Visiting La Cara del Indio by Bicycle

Tell us in the comments if you already have your photo at the Cara del Indio monument.




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